Want Sexy Supple Lips??

Lip Treatment Tips & Tricks:

-Make sure lips are exfoliates and moisturized.

-Use a Hydrated lip moisturizer. Leave on while doing your makeup or for 5-10 minutes

-Once your makeup is complete or 5-10 minutes is up. Use a moist towel or disposable napkin to gently remove moisturizer.

-Apply Lip Liner of your choice which is optional. If you do use a lip liner thats the same shade as the lippie,  fill most of you lip. This help to create a longer lasting lip.

-Apply O.M.G Lip Stick

-Then Whalaa Magic You have a beautiful lip that will last you for most of the night. 

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  • Brandy Carter

    Can’t wait to receive my O.M.G. COSMETIC LIP GLOSSES!!! Thank you So much! I’m Very Proud of you Friend 😊

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